Coyote Face Recording

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Coyote Face Recording is home to producer, mixer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Wurst. Currently based out of Lincoln, Nebraska.


Meet Jeremy Wurst.

I'm Jeremy Wurst - a freelance producer, mixer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist based out of Lincoln NE.

Years of experience recording and mixing has allowed me to freelance in professional studios all over the country, as well as exploring the diverse sounds of making records in barns, bookstores and old houses. I've collaborated with artists including Evan Bartels, Sea Floor Cinema, The Way Out, Salt Creek, Domestica and more.

In 2016, I relocated to California and was fortunate to engineer and assist under Sam Pura at The Panda Studios. Together we worked on records for Hundredth, Higuera, Gardens, My Sweet Fall, American Lions, The 101's and The Waiting Room TV among others.

Currently producing, engineering, mixing and recording in Lincoln, Nebraska, I work with artists out of a number of Midwest studios such as Flat Black Studio in Iowa City IA, and Fuse Recording in Lincoln NE.