Coyote Face Recording

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Coyote Face Recording is home to producer, mixer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Wurst. Currently based out of Lincoln, Nebraska.


Meet Jeremy Wurst.

I'm Jeremy Wurst - a freelance producer, mixer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist based out of Lincoln NE.

Years of experience recording and mixing has allowed me to freelance in professional studios all over the country. I've collaborated with artists including Tigerwine, Minor Movements, Salt Creek, Evan Bartels, The Seafloor Cinema, Antlerhead, blèt, Domestica and more. I'm well-versed in musical styles ranging from Punk and Hardcore to Americana and Indie. I care a lot about the records I work on and it's incredibly important to me to create the best records I can with the artists I work with.

In 2016, I relocated to California and was fortunate to engineer and assist for Sam Pura at The Panda Studios. Together we worked on records for Hundredth, Higuera, Gardens, My Sweet Fall, American Lions, The 101's and The Waiting Room TV among others.

I am currently producing, engineering and mixing in Lincoln, Nebraska. However, I work with artists out of a number of studios across the US. I also have my own space, The Coyote Room, in Lincoln, NE. I’m always looking for exciting and competitive projects to work on. Please don’t hesitate to send me a message about your project or just to say hi!

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