Coyote Face Recording

Kill All Records.

Coyote Face Recording is home to producer, mixer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Wurst. Currently based out of Lincoln, Nebraska.

music production

As a producer, my job is to collaborate with you to make the best songs possible. This can mean anything from rearranging songs and tweaking arrangements to picking the right tones and suggesting new ideas for each song. My passion is to take your music as seriously as you do.

AUDIO mixing and Mastering

With my experience, skills and ears, I'll turn your recording into a competitive, radio-ready song. Whether your song was tracked by me, another engineer or at your home studio, professional mixing can take yours songs to a new level. Once your recording is finished, you simply shoot the tracks to me for audio mixing. Then, we'll communicate any revisions until reaching an end product you can't wait to get out.

Location recording

The studio is where the heart is. I've made records in barns, cabins, bookstores, historic buildings and professional recording studios. With location recording, any creative space can be transformed into a tracking room.