Coyote Face Recording

Kill All Records.

Coyote Face Recording is home to producer, mixer, engineer and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Wurst. Currently based out of Lincoln, Nebraska.


I go where you go. Record in a local studio, old barn or an Airbnb in the mountains. I'm in. Read about some of the locations I've worked at below and contact me to inquire on daily rates or discuss alternative options.

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studio pH

Lincoln NE

Based in northwest Lincoln, this studio boasts high ceilings and a huge, open room to capture anything from a heavy guitar and explosive drum sounds to intimate acoustic performances.


Lincoln NE

This studio is located just outside Lincoln's historic downtown area. As a 3000 ft² facility it hosts a massive 800 ft² live room, five isolation rooms, two control rooms, lounge and Nebraska's sole live Echo Chamber.

flat black studios

Iowa City IA

Located on over eight acres of lush land, this studio barn combo offers wide spaces to capture big sounds, with overnight accommodations on premises for the band, separate from the engineer.